Multi-day Adventure Rider Training

If you own a dualsport or adventure motorcycle, looking to join the world of dualsporting, or step into the life changing experience of adventure motorcycle travel, then we are here for you to ensure you get the skills needed before heading off pavement. Choose a one of our elite PSSOR training camps or training tours to build skills and confidence in handling your motorcycle when traction dips, surfaces changes and things become challenging.

Don't let your ride or trip end due to being ill prepared or insufficiently skilled. The PSSOR training crew consists of skilled travelers and expert off-road instructors who will arm you will the physical skills as well as knowledge about packing, riding, cooking, gear choice, bikes step up and more. Our training programs will help you to become a rider who knows what to do to keep from damaging your bike or yourself when you get the itch to explore beyond the pavement.


ADV Training Camps (2015)

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BDR Training Tours (2015)

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Priced from $719   (varies by location) $1,285
When is it June, July, August 2015 July and August 2015
Where is it McCleary, WA   (Capitol State Forest)
Oregon (Northern area)   COMING SOON
Idaho (Central area)   COMING SOON
Washington Backcountry Discovery Route
From Stevenson, WA to Ellensburg, WA
Who it's for Riders with little to no off pavement experience Riders with some gravel road experience
What we teach Two full days of fundamental skills training in a closed-course environment Half day essential skills primer coupled with a learn-as-you-go environment
Time commitment 2 days total (extendable to 4 days)
Optional 1 day Early Arrival
Optional 1 day post-training Excursion into the forest
3 days total
Day 1: off road skills primer in the Columbia River Gorge
Days 2-3: legs 1 & 2 of the WA BDR up to Ellensburg

Training on a budget?

Our Off Road 102 course consists of two training days. Operated in an engineered training environment designed for dualsport and adventure riders. Includes training time on 4x4 and two track trails.

Learn more about the Off Road 102 course

Companion training events!

We offer specialized training at a number of events in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Rhode Island. Our exclusive training events are setup to pair well with the courses listed above.

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Common Questions

Why should I get training?

The answer is usually simple - to reach your dream. Many riders enter the adventure riding sport because they see themselves riding across the country (or countries) and exploring. The fact is that most national forests and parks are blanketed with gravel and dirt roads. In the US 1/3 off all the roads are unpaved and well over 70% of the roads worldwide are unpaved - exactly what an adventure bike is made for.

Gaining the skills to manage your machine while riding will save you money by reducing damage from falling, save you time from being unable to handle changing terrain, and save you energy so that you can explore even more.

What will I learn?

Our adventure bike training programs are very focused on the skills needed to manage changing and challenging terrain. We will help you with skills for riding on gravel roads, rough paths, loose sand and rock, tackle common obstacles, surmount hills and increase confidence in your riding skills and traveling knowledge.

Should I do the training camp or the training tour?

We get this question the most often. The camp and tour offer up the same types of skill sets with the greatest difference in being HOW you learn them.

The training camp is for those with little to no off pavement experience who are looking for an environment where the skills can be isolated in a controlled environment to be mastered one skill at a time. We create a closed-course environment and reduce the risk to you and your motorcycle greatly. We then work through a structured set of repetitive drills allowing for immediate coaching, feedback, and improvement. In addition to the physicals skills we introduce needed skills such as how to pick up a fallen motorcycle in loose gravel, cooking in the back country, packing strategies, proper adventure gear choices, equipment setup and more.

The training tour is for those with some gravel road experience that like to learn on the fly. You'll start off with a half day of core skills primer similar to camp as a quick way to introduce skills. Then we guide you along the WA Backcountry Discovery Route providing coaching-on-the-go while providing predetermined stops, camp/hotel and full support for food prep. All you have to do is focus on your riding skills.

Photos From PSSOR Training Events