PSS Off Road's ADV Training Camp is a multi-day training event run by professional motorcycle instructors who are expert adventure riders.

The training camp teaches a wide range of skills for street riders with little to no off pavement experience. We cater to all dualsport and adventure motorcycles. The skill sets that we present have been thoroughly tested in the real world and are continually updated as the sport itself evolves.
Some of the riding skills that may be addressed are:
(Location and weather may dictate limitations)

  • Essentials of when and how to stand
  • Low energy riding techniques
  • Traction management
  • Power control
  • Slow speed balance and maneuvering
  • Lifting (single person & multi person)
  • How to ride over and through obstacles
  • Narrow track riding and ruts
  • Loose surfaces (deep sand and river rock, weather dependent)
  • Hills (ascending, descending, starting, stopping, turning around)
  • And more

People travel from all over North America and internationally to attend our training events. This is a true testament to the value of the skills and knowledge we provide. We cannot guarantee that you'll be an expert rider after the training camp, but we can say for certain that you will learn new skills, have a great experience, and leave with the confidence to go out on your own!

ADV Training Camp Locations & Schedule






2018 Dates

June 14 - 16 (Spokane)

Excursion Not Available

2018 Dates

July 26 - 28 (Yamhill)

Optional excursion July 29th

August 23 - 25 (Yamhill)

Optional excursion August 26th




$195 optional excursion ride

Registration Register here

or Call to Register


Register here - July 26-28

Register here - August 23-26

or Call to Register


Nearest town


Yamhill ---
Geographic area Washington Oregon Idaho
Accommodations On-site camping
Hotel accommodatdions available within 10 miles of camp location.
On-site camping
Complete details are being finalized with event hosts.
On-site camping
Complete details are being finalized with event hosts.
RV/Trailer options RVs and trailers welcome
Separate fee to camp host may apply.
Limited RV Space Available

No Hook-ups

On-site amenities Hot showers and restrooms
Power and device charging
Cell service available, but spotty
Restroom facilities, no showers ---

Washington ADV Camp Itinerary

After booking your spot in an ADV Training Camp we will send you detailed information about the camp schedule, things you'll want to consider bringing and tasks to take care of in preparation for the camp.

  Package Price Meals/Lodging Additional Included
  Early Arrival No cost Setup camp early
Restaurants nearby for dinner / breakfast
Days 1-2 Training $719 Drinks & Snacks

Skills Training
Bike Setup (ergonomics & controls)
Rider/Bike Protection
Trip Packing
Backcountry Gourmet Cooking
Trailside Tire Repair

Day 3 Excursion $195 Drinks & Snacks

Basic Navigation
Beginner Level ADV Ride
Half-day mixed route of gravel roads into forests
Dedicated Support Vehicle


Photos From Past Training Camps

Things To Know

Read below to find answers to many commonly asked questions. If your question isn't answered below - Contact Us - and we'll be glad to assist you.

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What level of experience must I have?

You do not need to be overly experienced or skilled to participate in an ADV Training Camp. We recommend that you have enough experience on a motorcycle such that you are confident with basic riding skills on pavement. Any experience beyond that is not required.

A currently valid motorcycle endorsement is required for the off-site training.

Remember,the camp is all about training - we will build your skills every day of camp.

What types of skills will we learn and work on?

The ADV Training Camp focuses on a wide range of skills for managing large dualsport and adventure motorcycles in off pavement situations. The skills that we present are ones that you will use almost anywhere you go off pavement.

Here is a sample of the riding skills presented:

  • Core body position
  • Core weight shift
  • Traction management
  • Power control
  • Slow speed balance and maneuvering
  • Lifting (single person, multi person)
  • Small to medium size obstacles (up to 9" in height)
  • Narrow track and rut
  • Loose surfaces (deep sand and river rock)
  • Hills (ascending, descending, starting, stopping, turning around)
  • ...And, yes, even more!

How much time do we get to ride?

Riding time will vary depending on many factors (location, trail/road condition, weather, breaks, etc). Plan on being in constant action each day from sun up to sun down!

Is there anything I can do to get ready?

Get yourself ready...

Making sure you are ready is just as important as having the gear and bike ready. Our Adventure Camps are physically demanding and give riders more of a workout than many expect. If you are the type that sits behind a desk most of the time, we highly recommend getting out and being physical (walking, jogging, hills, you know... good for the heart kind of stuff!) and getting your body acclimated to all the activity.

The day or two prior to camp be sure to get plenty of rest as well!

Getting your camping gear ready...

This is especially important if you haven't used your camping gear recently. We suggest opening up your tent and sleeping bag and doing a test setup in your yard or garage to ensure all parts are there and it's ready to go and aired out too.

If you are purchasing new camping gear for the camp - definitely do a test setup and even a test "camp" in the yard or a local campground to become familiar with it.

Getting your bike ready...

We suggest a week or more prior to ADV Training Camp that you do a detailed inspection and cleaning of your bike. Ensure that there are no loose bolts, hoses or cables. Ensure that your drive system (belt, chain, shaft) are cleaned/adjusted and ready as well. Check with your owner's manual about recommended tire pressures and other maintenance items.

If you are not 100% confident about preparing your bike - remember that Puget Sound Safety has a Motorcycle Care & Maintenance program (click here for info).

What kind of riding gear is required?

  • US DOT compliant helmet with chin bar
  • Eye protection (goggles or face shield)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants
  • Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear
  • Full-fingered riding gloves
  • Prepare for the weather (rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.)

Do I have to bring my own riding gear?

Yes. See the riding gear requirements for a list of minimum and recommended items.

Do I have to bring my own motorcycle?

We prefer that you bring your own dualsport or adventure motorcycle. You and your motorcycle must be compliant with state laws where the camp is held.

For special situations we might have 150-250cc dirtbike and lightweight dualsport rentals available - however these are for ADV camp use only and cannot be taken from training location for the excursions.

Where can I rent a motorcycle?

Do I have to bring my own camping gear?

If you are planning to stay on-site, yes. If you are traveling from outside the area you can ship your camping gear ahead (FedEx/UPS) to our Puyallup office - please call to make arrangements.

We suggest this following for camping gear:

  • 3-season tent with vestibule and footprint
  • Sleeping bag, and comfort mat
  • Tent light or flashlight

Do I have to camp, or are there hotel options?

Camping is not required, but greatly adds to the experience of the ADV Training Camp. There are lodging options within 15 minutes of each training location.

How do I get into ADV Training Camp?

If space is still available simply call our office to reserve a spot. A minimum deposit payment is required to reserve your spot.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event date for which you have made a payment you MUST contact us ASAP!

You may cancel or change course dates at any time if you have not yet paid your event fee. Though, if you have not yet paid the event fee your reserved spot may be given away to someone else. If you have already paid the event fee then you are subject to the following:

If you notify us...

  • 31 days or more prior to your scheduled event:
    • You can reschedule without penalty.
    • You can cancel and receive a refund, minus a $25 processing fee.
    • Also eligible for Transfer, see below.
  • 30 days or less prior to your scheduled event:
    • You can reschedule for an additional $100 fee.
    • You can cancel and receive a refund, minus a $100 processing fee.
    • Also eligible for Transfer, see below.
  • 10 days or less prior to your scheduled event:
    • There is no option to reschedule or receive a refund.
    • Not eligible for Transfer.
    • However, you can find someone else to take your spot and they can pay you for it.

If you wish to cancel or change classes you may do so by calling our office during regular business hours. Visit the Contact Us page.

How do I secure my spot in a training camp?

At the time of registration a minimum deposit of $300 is required to secure your spot - subject to the cancellation and refund policy listed above.

The full amount of your registration is due 45 days prior to the training camp start date - subject to the cancellation and refund policy listed above.

Can I transfer to another PSSOR training tour or event?

If you are eligible for a transfer (see cancellation/refund policy) you can place the amount paid as a "credit on file" with us for future use.

Transfers do not incur a processing fee and will be available for a period of 2 years from the transfer date. Refunds after transferring will incur the processing fee.

Can I arrive before ADV Training Camp starts?

It depends on which camp and how early you want to arrive. There are situations where the training site is not available until the first day of camp.

If needed we can recommend several campgrounds and hotels in the area.

Can I stay after ADV Training Camp ends?

Contact our office for more informaton.

Are snacks, drinks, or meals provided?

We provide snacks (fruit and granola bars) and water throughout ADV Training Camp events.

Can I trailer my bike in or do I have to ride in?

We do not have a requirement to ride in or trailer in, but you must bring your camping supplies and any other items you might need for the entire event.

Refer to the itinerary section at the top of the page for amenities offered at each location.

Can I bring a guest/passenger with me?

Yes, you are more then welcome to bring a guest. If they will do any riding they must register and pay the full tuition. If they will only be a spectator we only charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the meals, lodging and insurance. Please contact our office to make guest arrangements.

Can I have a camera for photos or video?

Of course, we highly recommend.

History Of ADV Training Camp

The idea for a multi-day training course with overnight camping and meals came about when a group of dualsport riders approached us asking for more than what our one-day courses offered.

The transformation from training course to a complete training camp had begun and the program quickly evolved with the needs of our students. Our instructors went on their own adventures to prove the skills needed for riding large, and awkward, motorcycles off the pavement.

Our ADV Training Camp is now a comprehensive skills-focused event that helps riders with little to no experience and prepares them for taking charge of their machines when they leave pavement.