Off Road – Level 100

If you are a street rider crossing over to the dirt or a dirt rider who is self-taught this is the class for you! Learn how to become more precise in controlling your motorcycle off road while learning the secrets for maintaining traction on different surfaces.


Off Road 101

Off Road 102

Priced from $195 $380
Optional bike rental $55 $100
What is it 1-day training course, about 5 hours total training
See below for course description.
2-day training course, about 10 hours total training
Day one is an Off Road 101 course.
Day two is an on-trail training session.

What does the Off Road 101 course offer?

The Off Road 101 course is for riders looking to expand or learn general off road riding techniques. This course offers the skills and knowledge for riding off road and on trails.

Some street or off road riding experience is required and you can rent a school bike if needed. Youth may be permitted to join this training if they ride an adult-sized dirtbike. This is also an excellent venue for street (dualsport and adventure!) riders that are interested in becoming more skilled at traction control and technical riding.

What does the Off Road 102 course offer?

The Off Road 102 course is an entire 101 course (day one session) and then expands on those skills with on-trail training in a closed riding system (day two session).

The benefit of the Off Road 102 course is that you not only learn the skills but our professional instructors help you to apply them to trails before you head out on your own.

What techniques will I learn?

Key skills include slow speed control, hills, braking/sliding, picking up your motorcycle, body mechanics, improved turning, and quick reaction maneuvers.

  • Riding posture (standing, sitting, weight transfer)
  • Slow speed control (clutch/throttle/brake coordination)
  • Picking up your motorcycle
  • Braking and evasive maneuvers
  • Surmounting obstacles
  • Starting/stopping, ascending/descending hills

You will also learn how to prevent injury, control traction and how to set your bike up for better control and comfort.

How much time do we get to ride?

Your entire class time is spent on the course with plenty of hands-on instruction and real-world riding situations. Total class time for the school can vary from four to six hours depending on weather, breaks and class size and the abilities of the students. The Off Road 102 course includes an additional 5 hours of training on a second day.

How old do I have to be to take this level of off-road course?

The Off Road 101 & 102 courses do not have an age restriction however youth must ride or be able to ride an adult-sized dirtbike.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

A dirtbike or lightweight dualsport motorcycle is recommended for these courses. The school has motorcycles available to rent for use during the training. If you have a specific request or concern about your own bike or a rental bike you will need to make this known at the time of registration.

Minimum course requirements:

  • Be able to ride a motorcycle (dirtbike or street)
  • A parental permission form if under the age of 18

What kind of gear is required?

  • US DOT compliant helmet (some will be available for student use)
  • Eye protection (goggles or face shield)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants
  • Supportive boots that extend at least 3 inches above the ankle
  • Full-fingered riding gloves
  • Prepare for the weather (rain gear, sunglasses, snacks & drinks, etc.)

Recommended gear:

  • Dirtbike helmet
  • Elbow, knee, shoulder, neck protection
  • Chest protector
  • MX or dirtbike boots

Level 100 Training Schedule

No courses are available right now. Please contact our office for scheduling options.

"The core of what we do."

The history of the Level 100 program, like much of PSS Off Road, is rooted in the customer. Our off road program began with a learn-to-ride course geared toward kids and adults. It turned out that many street riders wanted to learn dirt riding skills as well.

Rather than have people who know how to operate a motorcycle go through all the basics, we created a course specifically for those that already know how to ride.

We took the core skills needed for riding off road – be it for dirtbiking, dualsporting, or adventure riding – and composed them into a one-day training course. The unofficial motto of the 101 course is:

"We won't teach you how to ride. We'll teach you how to ride off road."