Off Road – Level 300

New for 2015 is a training course going another step on the path of advanced trail riding skills. This level is designed primarily for intermediate and experienced dirtbike riders on their own off road bikes with knobby tires. Learn high-challenge trail riding skills and some entry-level competitive riding techniques.

What does the Off Road 301 course offer?

This program is for experienced off road riders and graduates of the Off Road Level 200 courses.

The Off Road 301 course is for riders that have plenty off road riding experience as well as prior off road specific training. Our instructors will present high-challenge skills needed for off road and trail riding, which also applies to entry-level competitive off road riding.

Skills presented include:

  • controlled lofting of the front and rear of the bike
  • extra tall and off camber obstacles
  • deep ruts and grinding
  • higher speed turns and braking
  • judgement drills to work on vision, focus, and path selection

Your instructors have additional on-demand drills available based on the needs of the individual group in training.

How much time do we get to ride?

Your entire class time is spent on the course with plenty of hands-on instruction and real-world riding situations. Total riding time can vary from four to six hours depending on weather, breaks and class size and the abilities of the students. Remember, our goal is to help you maximize learning while minimizing risk - not drain your energy as fast as possible and not have you damage your bike.

How old do I have to be to take an Off Road 301 course?

The Off Road 301 course is geared toward adult riders who are experienced off road riders or graduates of the Off Road Level 200 courses. If you are not sure if you qualify give us a call.

Do I need my own dirtbike?

The Off Road 301 course requires you bring your own dirtbike. We recommend it be equipped for trail riding with protection for radiators and levers, and have knobby tires. Your dirtbike need to pass a basic safety inspection before the riding day begins.

At this time we do not offer rentals for use during the Level 300 training course.

Minimum Course Requirements:

  • Be an experienced off road rider or graduate of an Off Road Level 200 course
  • Provide your own off road bike in safe operating condition with supplies needed for the day
  • Provide your own riding gear (see below for a list)

What kind of gear is required?

  • US DOT compliant helmet (some will be available for student use)
  • Eye protection (goggles or face shield)
  • Off road riding jersey or jacket
  • Off road riding pants
  • Sturdy calf-height off road boots (MX preferred)
  • Full-fingered riding gloves
  • Prepare for the weather (rain gear, sunglasses, snacks & drinks, etc.)

Level 300 Training Schedule

No schedules are available to load at the moment.