ADV Training Camps This season of ADV Camp is here with updated skills and schedules.

Our training camp provides adventure bike riders an engineered environment to learn basic and intermediate skills for navigating gravel, trails and forest roads with skill and confidence.

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ADV Training Expeditions/Tours This season of ADV training expeditions/tours aims to train and entertain.

Our immersive multi-day training events takes both aspiring and seasoned adventure riders to the next level. Washington's best backroads and the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR) become the training grounds to build your skills under the professional guidance of our instructors and guides. This all-inclusive adventure expedition includes training, sleeping accommodations, meals and support vehicle.

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Off Road Level 300

Our 300 level courses are specialized training classes that attack high-challenge skills for trails and entry-level competitive riding. These are limited availability courses with specialized curriculum.

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Off Road Level 200

For dirtbike and dualsport riders. Learn advanced technical skills for trail riding.

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Off Road Level 100

For dirtbike, dualsport and adventure riders. Learn basic off road and trail riding skills.

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Learn to Ride Courses

For kids, teens and adults. Whether your goal is riding off road or on the street - if you have zero riding experience and want to learn the basics of riding, this is the easiest and most fun way to start!

Our professional instructors teach on private land using engineered training areas to create a lower-risk learning environment. We have a variety of lightweight dirtbikes for rent. Your investment in riding a motorcycle doesn't have to be expensive or dangerous - choose PSSOR to start riding today!

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A Little About PSSOR

Puget Sound Safety Off Road (PSSOR) is the off-road training division of Puget Sound Safety which has been providing world class motorcycle training to new and avid motorcyclists since 1996. We are dedicated to the interests and needs of the adventure, dualsport and dirtbike rider. Our unique and professional approach to off road and Adventure training is unparalleled. Our programs have the unique ability to dissect the most critical skills needed by riders and build them into an advanced skill set piece by piece in a fashion that is simple to learn while advancing rider skills rapidly without becoming overwhelming. Safety and fun are two fundamental secrets to our success and yours!

Our training programs are skills-focused which means we cater to all types of bikes and riders. Your instructors are avid dirt, dualsport, and adventure riders and have decades of riding and travel experience. We strive to be there for all those that enjoy the dirt, from kids as young as 6 to adventure riders in their 30's, 40s', 50's and even 60's at our multi-day training camps and training expeditions/tours.

The 100, 200 and 300 level programs of PSSOR are intended for street riders, dirtbike riders, trail riders and dualsport riders. The skills of each level are arranged to maximize your ability to maintain control, maintain traction, reduce fatigue, reduce damage, and maximize the enjoyment of riding off road.